Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.10.27 AMWhat an unexpected dream come true! Check out Traveler’s Company’s new re-design…and buy a notebook while you’re at it (it’ll change your life)! 😉

I feel very privileged and truly honored to be able to support the meaningful philosophy and excellent craftsmanship of the travelers-company.com.

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The other day I received the first installment of Moustache Stationery. 

I assume that extra care was taken in considering the contents of this first package since it is the “first impression” box which is meant to secure the aprox $40 monthly subscription.

On the design and packaging side of things I was pleasantly surprised. As for the contents…I’ll let you do “The Review.” What do you think?




Tomoe River Paper


I recently tried printing on Tomoe River Paper (white) from my Deskjet printer (above you can see the two tones of paper (cream and white). I printed “double sided”…and, FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE WONDERING, it looks great! No bleed through for the black ink. I’m excited to see how this paper can interact with the Midori Traveler’s Notebook.

Two cons:

1) I printed black and red and the red seemed to seep through a bit and didn’t print as solidly as the black.

2) the ink takes a bit to dry…so it will be tough printing double sided docs.

Juan Estey

I also took a little trip to Tandy leather! I may be making an exciting offering soon…as I hope to create something comparable to the 5th Anniversary edition (as you know…getting the right leather and color is quite a task).