Midori Traveler’s Notebook MANIA

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But I already have one…and 6,700+ pics of it! What illness or sorcery is this that has me obsessing over this notebook? My fingers peck out G…O…O…G…L..E. Maybe, just maybe, there are others who are experiencing these symptoms. I mean, if there is someone else who has broken out with this…I should be able to find it on Google. I recall finding a remedy for a spooky rash by searching Google…Google is great. But, this search will be slightly different (although, packing no less concern). Rather than a remedy I scroll the interwebs for common experiences of a freakish, obsession with the Midori Traveler’s Notebook.

My mouse’ pointer hovers over a blue link, “How many Traveler’s Journals do you own?” I am uncertain if I want to proceed. What if the stricken individual who made the post is still standing in a forest alone? Or worse yet, what if he is confirmed a crazed, lunatic with a disorder called “Midori-TN-syndrome”, of which none but he suffers (and…now me, leaving the company of the sane to the corner of the crazed). Click

I click the link. The page loads. More posts than I had expected tumble down the page…

unclejoe252000 says:

I own 3 Midori TNs…

Onigiri-sama! says:

I have two…

eiknit says:

I have 2 also…

Patrick Ng says:

Large size…Passport size…

Koerby says:

…Original brown Large size version…The 5th anniversary edition…Large Black version…

Indh777 says:

I went from zero to FIVE in less than a month.

Stefxstef says:

I (will) own three…

Reduziert says:

I love my 3 MTNs…

Rbquilter says:

…I have the original brown, original 5th Anniversary and now the wee passport 5th Anniversary. I mean really can you have too many? The problem is that I want to carry them all with me all the time. I’m sure this is a condition but I’m okay with that.

Either all are obsessed and in the corner of the crazed or it is perfectly normal to experience “Midori-TN-Syndrome”…which would remove it from being an disorder (abnormal), thus relieving me of all fear of being dragged off to the looney bin (although, even for documenting that trip I would need a designated traveler’s notebook labeled “All Things Life Altering”).

If you have a black one, then you want a brown one. If you have a brown one…maybe the black one looks necessary. But wait! There is more! You mean there are MTN’s of different sizes? A passport size version? And…upon the wind is heard the tale of the 5th Anniversary Camel edition. It’s beauty beguiles and bewitches even the most stringent of misers.

The resolution to don my traveler’s cloak and set off in search of the legendary, mythical 5th Anniversary version settles and hardens like beloved mud on a pilgrim’s boots.

I have one notebook…but voices crooning, “a second MTN” plague my consciousness, a bead of sweat, itself a traveler, roles down my furrowed brow. I smell leather.

I do not believe that the case of whatever-this-is has struck me as hard as it overcame Indh777 (one to five notebooks in a month?!?!…phew!)…but it does make me contemplate acquiring another very soon.

Hello, my name is Juan. I am a traveler. I really like Traveler’s notebooks. I can change…if I have to…I guess…sometime perhaps. Not really.

PS: ( For more “MTN mania” check out my channel: http://youtube.com/sketchantics )


8 thoughts on “Midori Traveler’s Notebook MANIA

  1. I love my Midori TN passport in Black and managed to get one in brown yesterday. Where did you find all of the photo’s of them that you have?

    • Great! Thanks for your comment Clare! I now have both colors too. I hunted down photos from everywhere. I may make a post with all the source links…but yeah…pretty much from everywhere. On Taobao there are some imitations and originals that are inspiring ). I just found this site yesterday: http://travelers-notes.blogspot.com. Also, flickr’s Rocketman3 has some great images of MTN gatherings. And, of course, the Midori flickr group has a ton of stuff.

      • It would be brilliant if you could make a post with all the source links, I would love to see even more pictures of the Midori.

  2. Does 2 1/2 count?
    I own a regular size in brown, a newly added star edition and a passport size in brown (belongs to my partner but i use it as well :P)

  3. Ha ha! Of course it counts, YF Lam! Ooooooo…the “Star Edition”! How do you like it? Thanks for commenting…again, it normalizes things for me (makes me feel less “abnormal”). I’m thinking of offering all the images I’ve gathered (for free of course) once I reach a certain number of subscribers at http://youtube.com/sketchantics .

    • Frankly speaking, I love the camel color leather more than brown/ black.. I’m glad that I reserved one for myself!
      OK! will subscribe yours soon! Thanks for the effort for all the video shoot 🙂

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