4 thoughts on “THE TN REVIEW

  1. Hey Juan: Love your Midori videos. Have one now as well. I couldn’t find an info how to add another elastic ribbon band inside the tn, like you showed in one video. If you by chance have a how-to-do, let me know:
    Michael from Germany

    • Thanks for visiting, Mike!
      I would love to see your video. Where can I find it?

      If I had to do it over again…I’m not sure I would modify the band. I think a person could get four (even 5) notebooks in without modification…here are a couple ideas:
      1. (click the pictures to see it larger).

      My way of doing it is more simple. The tutorials above make three “holders” with one string and some more complicated threading. Basically, all I did was add 4 extra holes (two on either side of the originals – top and bottom). Then I strung a SECOND elastic through the new holes and tied it off on the inside. So it ended up featuring 2 pieces of elastic instead of one (making 4 “holders” instead of the original 2). Does that help?

      • Heya:
        Thanks for the support 🙂
        I probably did not clarify enough: I did not do a video, but have a tn now as well. Posted some pics here, so you can have a clue, what it looks like. When it is filled up with additional stuff, I will let you know.
        Best Michael

    • Looks great! Cool, Mike. Enjoy! Looks like you got the essentials (even the “coin”)! I really like the zipper pocket.

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